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If you know the facts you’ll choose Comfort-Zone Cellulose Insulation for your attic and wall insulation package.



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Highest R Value Per Inch
Higher than fiberglass or rockwool.

Air Infiltration
Comfort-Zone is 2-3 times more dense than fiberglass insulation. It completely fills in around wood framing members, plumbing, electrical wiring and other obstacles.

Fire Safety
Comfort-Zone is U.L. labeled and meets all federal and state standards for cellulose insulation.

Resistant to Insects, Rodents and Mold
The same boron-based chemicals used to give comfort-zone its fire retardancy are also natural fungicides to make Comfort-Zone highly resistant to insects and rodents.

Because Comfort-Zone is made from natural noncarcinagenci wood fibers, there are none of the health concerns associated with fiberglass and rockwool.

Sound Control
Nothing works better than Comfort-Zone to stop sound transmission through walls and ceilings. Comfort-Zone offers superior STC ratings not possible with fiberglass.

Low Dust
Every bag contains special dust inhibitors formulated to produce a superior low-dust insulation.

Environmentally Friendly
Comfort-Zone contains no asbestos, glass or mineral fibers!